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Pencil with Eraser

How I Got Here

The story starts with lame poetry in adolescence but never ends!

I do a lot of things, but writing is the base for all of it. 

So it actually is not a long story. 

It is just that a passion-driven mind found solace in words.


As the 'Legend Of The Pen' would say, if they existed,

"A writer isn't born. A writer is created when it is time for them to make amends to the way of living. Whether it is for the sake of

self-awareness, to save the world from growing apart from life's deep-ends or to just escape reality once in a while."


So, to cut it short, I got here because I realised it was my time to get my ass to work towards growing as a writer. Period. 



Read. Re-visit Repeat. 


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